Offer for sports team and event participants  

10% discount for athletes / sports team / event participants 

Gothia cup / Partille cup / Sports team / Event participants 

If you are a group of athletes/participants more than 20 persons we offer you weekend or evening buffet with 10% discount. Minimum 4 dishes with salad and tea or coffee (i.e. Rice, Egg noodles, 1 chicken dish, 1 vegetable spring rolls, 1 vegetable dish, 1 Fried chicken/fish fillet dish, with salad and sauce).

Open buffet – eat as much you can but no throw.  

Book us 40 to 60 minutes before your arrival and we ensure a delicious buffet with a variety of Thai dishes.

Price 140 KR/per + Drinks 15 Kr/can (-10% discount) 

Opening hours: Weekdays 11:00-20:00 Weekends 13:00-20:00 


Erbjudande!!!    Erbjudande!!!   Erbjudande!!! 

Gråtis varullar (6st) vid beställning av 2 ST varmrätter fråm TakeAway meny.

** Gäller endast efter Kl 16:00

Erbjudandet gäller fråm 01 till 31 October 2023

*Ej i komb med andra erbjudande!!!

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